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"Hyperion" was once a lost fearofhatred album; there was artwork made, and it appeared on several websites as a "forthcoming album", but it was never finished. Work on it originally began in 2007, and was set to be our first concept album. It was also to be something of a stylistic shift for the band. We had, over the course of our previous two albums and EP, defined our style quite well; heavy metal with an industrial touch (especially live, as we had no drummer). But, these were early days for me as a writer, and I was chasing change. As a consequence, the music started to veer away into a more extreme (in places) and progressive direction. The electronics were still there, but were taking an ever-shrinking role. But, before we could get passed the demo stage, the band split up. While all the music from those sessions was either used elsewhere or destroyed, the concept played on my mind for a good while longer. Of course, fearofhatred lay dormant for the next eight years while I focussed on other projects. However, I inadvertently revisited it in 2016 while writing for a post-black metal project. Struggling to find a lyrical concept for the new recording, I remembered Hyperion. The joining of Keats' epic poem to this new music made me realise this is a fearofhatred piece; to finally complete the work that was uncermemoneously ditched ten years ago. fearofhatred is now, of course, pretty much a solo project (although I do recruit guests here and there; mainly guys I have worked with or admired from the local scene). As it happens though "Hyperion" has remained a solo piece. Lyrically, little has changed; the source material obviously dictates that somewhat. However, musically, things are a lot different. Gone is the aggressiveness of the old Hyperion, to be replaced by something a little more melodic. I'm still screeching away like a banshee, but the guitars are providing a more delicate, albeit distorted, touch. I was heavily influenced by the post-black metal movement when writing. After two EPs that stuck to a more rigid death-metal-ish template, it was refreshing to once again change the sound. I guess that will be fearofhatred's mandate; to never sit still. And, so, here it is...


released April 14, 2017

Music by S John Cowan
Lyrics adapted from "Hyperion" by John Keats

Performed by S John Cowan



all rights reserved


Høst Recordings Lincoln, UK

Høst Recordings looks after the works of Steve Cowan. These are usually solo projects, but occasionally feature bands that Steve is a part of.

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